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A program that batch convert ogm, mkv to avi, with audio track selection
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AllToAVI is a complete open source application that converts to AVI an extensive list of video and audio codecs, including XviD, MPEG, Real Player, WMV, QuickTime, and MP3, ADPCM, PCM, or WMA. Every conversion job is defined individually, and the settings applied can be stored for later use. It includes subtitle support for SRT, SSA, and SUB files.

Designed for more experienced users, AllToAVI covers most of the video codecs available, and the depth of customization offered makes it more suitable for professional use. However, its self-explanatory interface offers direct help for each of the settings, helping the user in taking technical decisions about the video encoder to use, the width and length of the output file, the bit rate to apply, or the location of the subtitle texts.

This free and professional tool includes a special set of options for H.264 conversion processes. This so-called “Restrictive Mode” offers a safer and more controlled video conversion, used for processes that ended with an unexpected output failure. Though it is capable of opening and encoding almost any known video and audio codec, it does not include playback capabilities for all of them.

You can define as many conversion jobs as needed, each of them with its specific settings and input formats. AllToAVI will then run through all of them in a convenient and flexible batch mode.

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  • Full customization of each conversion job, with different settings for each input format
  • Full batch processing functionality
  • A comprehensive list of supported audio and video codecs


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